Trijas Peppercracker -
2005 14.1 Morgan gelding by Burkland Lady's Man
out of Trija's Pepperlee by Trijas Mr.Pepperlect

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This powerhouse is one of my all time favorites.  He throws everything he has and then some into his work.  Shown and secure through fourth level and working on the tempis for Prix St. Georges. Pirouettes are in good shape so it won't be long. Get your bronze medal and have fun working on up the levels. Would be a rock star in the FEI pony division. Been in training with USDF Gold Medalist for five years.


It is difficult to predict what type of rider Cracker is best suited for: He is amazingly good for a soft, quiet, beginner rider.  He totally takes care of his senior owner. For some of my intermediate riders he gets strong, for others he is a steady schoolmaster.  He is thinking and communicating all the time so quick, thoughtful riders will adore him. I divide horses into two categories:  if you stop riding and drop they reins do they say "oh good" and eventually drop to walk..... or do they say "oh good" and speed up until told otherwise?  Cracker is definitely the latter.  Energizer bunny all the way.  Steady and brave at shows.  Hacks out regularly, mostly by himself, but it is usually a high energy work session, not a watch the clouds go by sort of trail ride.


Cracker has been in private turnout at my farm because he is a rabble-rouser in the field.  I imagine with the right friends he would be happy to socialize.


Cracker also has good experience as a combined driving pony.  Has a permanent pony card.


Only for sale as owner is retiring.  


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