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SOLD -Navayo
2018 15.3 hand KWPN gelding by Ironman x Florencio

Navayo offers high quality gaits in a gorgeous petite package. 

“Nova”  was gelded and started under saddle in December of his 3 year old year while still in Belgium. (He is a June baby.) In the short time we have had him, he is proving to be a good egg under saddle – green but happy to figure things out.   His walk, trot, and canter are all solid. He has a little understanding of leg yield, turn on the haunch and turn on the forehand, so steering can happen.  He goes out in the fields to work regularly and without incident, so I imagine he will grow up into a horse who can hack.  I have had several students ride him, and he seems perfectly adaptable and straight forward for them. We trailered Nova once off site.  He took about 30 seconds to load, and seemed to travel contentedly. All in all he seems like a good guy who will develop into a solid horse for some lucky person.

The three videos are 

1. Nova at liberty as a 3 year old before he was gelded

2.  Nova in Europe looking fancy in his first weeks under saddle

3.  Nova here in the USA where we are looking to stretch out his frame and encourage him to get his nose in front of vertical

Nova is truly 15.3, but he is not very big around. He wears a 72" blanket. For reference I am 5’4” (see video 3).  But his big personality (very curious, always into everything) and huge presence give a big impression.

In addition to the vet check in Belgium, my vet reviewed all his radiographs and videos when we bought him, and declared Nova “had no issues.”  Believe me, my vet never finds “no issues!” Nova is now up to date on all the USA vaccines, worming, Coggins. We took off the too-long-in-the toes shoes, and currently have him barefoot, which he is handling well.

If you are interested in his sire Ironman, see this link:

(There is also a KWPN stallion called Ironman H, who is not Nova’s sire.)

And yes, his name really is Navayo, not Navajo.  You can make it anything you would like when you register him with USDF and USEF.

If you are looking for a seriously nice small package, come for a visit.  Looking at his handsome face every day will always bring a smile.

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