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Firstview Farm was built to support happy horses in work and turnout.
Our barn

Conveniently located near Jordan Lake, central to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

We use the mirrors constantly and consistently. Our arena drains so well we can use it right after a monsoon.

Lights make night riding possible.

Center aisle barn designed for good ventilation.

Horses typically live out 24/7 with run-in sheds because we believe moving all day and socializing keeps horses healthy, sound and sane.

Our 18 acres open to 100 neighboring acres total for hacking.

Pastures are fertilized regularly. Rotational grazing maximizes grass availability.

Everyone enjoys a good sunset. The farm backs up to the corp land around Jordan Lake for blissful solitude.

Hay composes the majority of our horses' diets. We typically feed high quality second cut orchard grass.

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