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The journey...

From unbroke to Grand Prix, we enjoy working with every size and temperament.  Our emphasis on ease and harmony, with a deep foundation in positive reinforcement, is not what you will find at your average dressage barn.


The lesson program includes private lessons, longeing, ground work instruction, outings to shows to study examples, video nights, and exercise classes. Lessons are available at Firstview on your horse or our schoolmaster, or at your farm.  Dawn has invested heavily not only in learning dressage, but also in the theory of learning.  She uses patience and positive reinforcement to bring concepts to life.  (Dawn typically teached adults only, or teenagers who have discovered a passion for dressage.)


Training board includes rides on your horse and/or lessons for you on your horse or my schoolmasters.  Sessions could include groundwork, cavaletti, hillwork, and/or sport horse versatility. Support at shows is, of course, part of the program.


As Dawn and Andrew approach "retirement" we are reducing the number of horses living on the farm, so training board spots are limited.


In addition to training board, Firstview Farm will market your horse to potential buyers.  Services include training, showing, video and ad production, showing your horse to prospective buyers, and overseeing vetting. 

We take advantage of important training opportunities: here Anna works with Steffen Peters.

All our dressage horses also hack out.

Obstacle work gives all the horses life skills useful in all aspects of their lives.

David de Wispelaere, a proponent of lightness and relaxation, clinics at Firstview regularly.

“Natural” horsemanship concepts increase horses' understanding of the aids, resulting in increased confidence.

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