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2019 16.1 hand Westfalen gelding by Da Vinci Code x Real Diamond

Diego offers the best combination: a generous temperament combined with the talent to make the work easy.  If you are an amateur looking to enjoy a young horse project, Diego is a great candidate. He is straight forward to ride, happy to do whatever is asked with a smile on his face.  He has been under saddle about a year, is solid in his walk-trot-canter, and can take a respectable pass at the first level tests. His canter is a real highlight.  You could pretty much scroll social media on your smart watch while cantering down the long side.  I have my intermediate students ride him pretty regularly in their lessons, and feel completely comfortable having them carry on his work independently when I am out of town.  If you a professional, encourage your students to consider this horse for their FEI prospect. Even consider him for yourself and enjoy a sane prospect instead of the zany ones that usually end up in the barn!

Diego has been to one off-site clinic and walk-trot-cantered with no problems. He works out in the fields as often as in the ring.  On his first honest-to-goodness trail ride, Diego marched past the lead horse when the leader spooked at the videographer! See the event in action in the "Diego hacking" video clip below.

And did I mention how cooperative he is?  Check out the bridling video where Diego earns a gold star for helpfulness.

Diego has been sound and healthy in the year we have had him. He is now up to date all his American vaccines.  His radiographs were reviewed by two top American sports medicine veterinarians with full thumbs up, so that box should be easy to check off. He has been barefoot the whole year I have owned him.

Diego is easy to have on the farm.  He currently lives out 24/7 with both mares and geldings.  He demonstrates good social skills.  He is also happy to stay in a stall, even by himself, if need be.

Why am I selling? I generally buy one young horse a year in Germany to resell.  Diego is the one. 

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