Indecent Proposal

Indy and Dawn competing I-1 in 2007

Indy and Andrew earning his Silver Medal in 2010

Indy and Anna earning her Bronze Medal in 2012

Indy helping a student earn her Bronze Medal in 2015

Indy is a 15.3hh, 1993 Connemara/TB mare, and a superb school horse.  She is not easy but she is honest and will mirror what you do, whether you meant to or not.  Dawn trained and competed her from two years old through Intermediare I. Andrew earned his USDF Silver Medal with Indy, and Anna earned both her Bronze and Silver Medals with her. Having also been competed by several students, Indy has contributed to a total of six USDF medals to date. 

Indy will be 29 in 2022.  She is a bit creaky, but still gives a lesson almost every day, and still does changes and pirouettes and half passes.  We count every day with her  as a blessing.

C.K. Emily Grey

Emily and Dawn competing Third Level in 1997

Emily competing as a young horse

Dawn and Emily evented competitively before switching to dressage

Emily at a show in 2013, age 25!

We are sad to say we put Emily down in May 2018. She made it to her 30th birthday in March, and she was sound and ridden five days a week until age 29 1/2.! Emily was a testament to good genes, good care and good riding.


Dawn and Emily competed through Fourth Level dressage and Preliminary Level eventing together.  For the last ten plus years, Emily was very patient teaching both beginners and advanced students.