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Coming into the home stretch

Have had some amazing rides, but without Andrew here, we never seem to capture the best moments on video. The lesson below may be our last....not sure what tomorrow and the next day will bring with transport. But we did have some very good pieces.

To be honest, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed about teaching all of you when I get back. I have such new ideas and feelings, some of which have challenged what I thought to be true and right. I am not sure how or if I will be able to incorporate these things into our work together. I am sure it would help a lot for all of you to watch some of my lessons and be prepared with questions. Does anything you see seem contradictory?

I know my first order of business is to ride every ride for a long as it takes with the yoga balls under my arms until my hands qet quiet enough....

Notice how well Claude deals with the other horse (who happens to be Gerd's personal horse) jumping about. And this is first ride ever outside. We have come a long way baby.

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Feb 27, 2023

The canter work was really interesting.

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