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Made it home...mostly

So Claude and I left the German farm at 10:oo pm Tuesday night, hung out at the Belgium cargo aiport from about 1:00 am to 4:00, then starting loading 18 horses from about 4:00 to 6:00 am, then finally took off around 7:00 am. It is very complicated and kind of stressful. (There was also a big kurfluffle about the amount of gear I had but that is another story.) We all landed in NY 7 hours after take off. The staff at the quarantine barn unload the horses and take over everything, so all of us "grooms" were turned loose. My professional Belgian counterparts had until 4:00 pm to wander around until their flight back. (I think they go shopping in NYC.) I had 12 hours until my connection to Raleigh. That was a long, boring visit in JFK's terminal 5.

Claude gets out of quarantine Saturday and will be delivered Saturday night. I have had fabulous rides on Kayman and Derrick now back at home. Very excited that what I have been learning is clear to apply to other horses!

Oh - And I hired a luggage service to ship two suitcases here. After 5 attempts they have stilled failed to pick up the bags at the pension. So not sure when I will ever see my clothes again.

The controversial gear. Yes Claude is in the metal box. The container then gets lifted into the plane.

In the little van from the farm to the airport.

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