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Does this really count as jumping?

Gerd is a big believer in cross training - every dressage horse should gallop in the fields and jump a little. So he set Eva the task of giving Claude and I jumping lessons while he was gone. It was pretty hilarious. Claude was a complete klutz the first lesson and got rather strong and flustered. Today was better. You can see how low our standard for "better" is in the clip.

And I also got to join a group lesson on a school pony. It has been 24 years (when I was pregnant with Anna) since I jumped anything. All in all, my body remembered the drill pretty well.

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Kathy Gubar
Kathy Gubar
Feb 02, 2023

I think Claude looked pretty bold going over those jumps!!


Feb 01, 2023

I certainly think it counts! So much fun to see.

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