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Human Bodywork

Eva, the trainer at the farm, is highly educated in rider biomechanics. She does a lot of ground work exercises with her students. I promise to bring some new stretches home with us.

This is called Broken Wing Eagle (loosely translated). You have to lift your elbow toward the ceiling to open your chest and back. I understand it goes easier if you have canine assistants. I think maybe the next step is Gerd's dogs sit on my elbows and then I lift them....

If I understand the some-English/some-German goal for this exercise: work the knee presser thing so many times that you are exhausted, get on the horse, and you can't clamp with your thighs anymore. I think they used to do this at the Spanish Riding School by putting people on the lunge line for hours.

So if I can put on as much muscle as Claude has in the last 30 days....

And don't forget the good old Balimo stool.

The tricky part of this one was you had to be able to get both hands up in the air and balance on your crossed knees.....

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