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KWPN Stallion show extravaganza

The KWPN annual event definitely deserves a spot on the over-the-top board. I find it hard to grasp how many people come out just to see the star stallions, the new crop crowned, the horse of the year perform. Next to us sat a young couple with the young woman looking for a stallion for her one mare, accompanied by her totally non horsey boyfriend. On our other side sat a small breeder just doing her research. All spoke enough English well enough to help us figure out what was going on.

The trade show was gargantuan. They have their own TV station! They interview people between sessions and it is broadcast on regular TV. Booths sold tack and feed and real estate and stallion service and stalls and tractors. My favorite was an entire booth dedicated to fake tails and manes. Andrew's favorite was a tractor dealer who had engineered his own all-electric tractor during COVID time.

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