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Sit-a-buck (as in sitting on dollar bills, not on a bucking horse) - REVISED v. 2.O

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Verions 2: update: So after I initially posted this video of the rider whose seat never left the saddle..... I showed it to Gerd and asked if this was the visual for what he wanted. But no! Gerd said this rider is pushing instead of soft and neutral. I need to soften my upper back....back to visualizing Louisa.....

Initial post:

Watch lovely German man canter sales horse endowed with a super canter. (He told me it was the Escolar (dam sire) canter. Very nice to ride.)

Now watch Dawn ride same horse. Someone has work to do! (Granted I shortened his stirrups 8 holes and they were still too long....) My work in progress is called "snuggle butt."

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Kathy Gubar
Kathy Gubar
2023년 1월 11일

Love the puppy supervisors! And the canter on that horse. What a difference in Claude's neckline!! Amazing!

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